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Have you heard about Groupon? You can purchase services or gift certificates for different business establishments for greatly reduced prices- up to 90% in fact! The deals change every day, so if you think you want an offer it's better to buy it sooner than later- items also can sell out if you wait too long. Check the "Recent Offers" tab to see what offers have been available for your location in the past. (Some of the "Recent Offers" for Cincinnati have been from- florists, massages, dentists, resturants, handyman services, skydiving classes)

It's completely FREE to sign up for this program. They email every time there is a new offer in your area, which is only a few times a week. The only catch is that there have to be enough people wanting to buy the "Daily Deal" before it is activated. So when you find a great deal share it with your friends! If you "BUY" an item and not enough people sign up, the deal is cancelled- you will not be charged for cancelled deals.  This is a great program that lets you try out that restaurant or business that you've been wondering about or a quick fun gift for a friend. If you like getting discounts on entertainment you better sign up now! (And for those of you with iPhones- there's an app)

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